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novineon CRO supports "Lernzeit", a girls club in Tuebingen

A previous grant for a homework support group has expired - we are helping to ensure that the group can continue its work.

A newspaper article in the Schwäbisches Tagblatt from 12-10-2020 has brought to our attention, that there is a lack of money for the "Lernzeit" of the Tübinger Mädchentreff e.V.. Girls from refugee families do not always have an easy time asserting their right to education, and especially when it comes to homework, supervision and teamwork are important. "Lernzeit" offeres this support and we from novineon contribute to make this possible.

"Lernzeit" offers individual support for girls and young women from refugee families. A lot of  girls seek help because they fell behind during the lockdown and can paticipate in digital lessons. They receive hardly any help other than from the "Mädchentreff". Thats why the learing groups and professional guidance of the association's staff is particularly important. "Lernzeit" directly supports and empowers girls and young women whose opportunities to participate in society are limited but who still have a right to education and equal opportunities.

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